One Book One Valley 2018

Where You’ll Find Me by Ty Gagne

We are so excited to begin One Book One Valley season! Early reports from this year’s selection are excellent. We just got TEN copies of Where You’ll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova by Ty Gagne.

We are now taking reservations for one of our 11 copies of the book! Please login to your Library account, email us, phone 383-9731, or stop in to see us to place a hold. If you have a book club copy of Kookooland checked out to you now, then I have placed your hold for you already, just wait for your email or phone call.

We have a very long list of neighbors who would like to read this book, please pick up your hold promptly when you are notified, put it on the top of your reading pile, and return it quickly so we all get a chance.

There are events related to this story happening all around the Valley. In Jackson, we will:

  • enjoy a pizza at Flatbread Company in North Conway on September 13th from 4-9pm. A portion of the proceeds that night will support the One Book One Valley program,
  • host Will Broussard from the Mount Washington Observatory who will present Tales from the Home of the World’s Worst Weather on October 3rd at 7pm, and
  • hold a group discussion of the book on October 9th at 4:30pm.

Lichen’s crazy idea for the day: Print bumper stickers that say “Ask me about the book! One Book, One Valley” Then you would know who else read it and have something to discuss with them at parties… or the post office.