What’s on the Story Trail?

The very best bedThe very best bed by Rebekah Raye is the featured story on the trail behind the Library.

Trivia is back… with a twist

Remote Trivia ChallengeRound OneAnswers due: 4/1 by 6pm

Our local Trivia maestro has moved his magic online and trusted ME to bring it to you. He has created eight daily rounds of general knowledge questions for you to answer. You can play just one day or all eight rounds, of course, you will only win if you play all eight.

Honor system – no researching. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone. If you … Read more

Resource Guide

We are missing you all very much, wonderful patrons. Lichen has been working tirelessly on our Library’s COVID-19 Guide to Services, which can be found on our Blog, and if you haven’t perused it yet, please do. It is chock-a-block full of great information and resources for these challenging times. Parents, I would especially like to let you know about some of the wonderful resources available in this document, as numerous companies make their … Read more

Show is over, friends

In order to comply with Governor Sununu’s Stay-At-Home order issued today, we will discontinue material pick-ups and provide remote services only.

I am in tears saying goodbye to the beloved library today. Take good care, all my friends, I will look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, though, please stay tuned as we work on how to keep the magic alive from afar. We are planning lots … Read more