Museum Passes

New in 2017, borrow a day pass for one of seven area museums. Phone us or visit our museum page to reserve.

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Yep, sounds about right!

1 week ago

If JPL had beds, I would never go home!

What sort of dreams would you have, surrounded by more than 150,000 books? Gladstone's Library is the only library in the UK that lets you sleep among the books, with 26 guest bedrooms on site. ... See more

2 weeks ago

Did you know you can help the Library on Giving Tuesday too!? It's super easy and good fun!

We don’t talk about it much around here, but since you have your checkbook out and ready for Giving Tuesday, there are several ways you may contribute to help our fantastic Library be even more ... See more

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Two awesome Library events this weekend

It is a rare treat when we host two fun activities in as many days, but here it is.

Please join long-time friends, Friends, and volunteers of the Library for Pub-Style trivia at 3pm on Saturday. You can come with a team or come alone and we will find a team for you. There will be refreshments. The game is appropriate for older kids, but the littles are welcome to play in the children’s … Read more

Stop in on Halloween!

The library is open on Halloween until 7 PM and we welcome trick-or-treaters! Stop in and show us your costumes.

Best of 2017 & more generous donations

I know it’s not even close to over yet, but I am ready to name my two favorite books of the year. It’s a very auspicious award, the Likey; highly sought after.

I rarely love a non-fiction book. In general I find them dry or boring or both – I prefer to be moved when I read and, in general, fiction is better at that. BUT, I just finished listening to Trevor Noah read his … Read more