Museum Passes

New in 2017, borrow a day pass for one of seven area museums. Phone us or visit our museum page to reserve.

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2 weeks ago

Pumpkin story-ski is up!

3 weeks ago

I've got my beans all counted and ready to go for Laurie Gabriel tonight!

Using her more than 30 years of financial asset management experience, Laurie Gabriel will discuss personal investing: key drivers of returns; risk assessment and mitigation; and ways to creat your ... See more

1 month ago

I already bought 2 on this list. What else do you want to read, Jackson?

From World War II sagas to the 19th-century American frontier.

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Please read, and return, One-in-a-Million Boy

This year’s selection.

We are in the midst of our annual One Book One Valley season. I just finished The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood and I have to say that it’s just about as perfect as a novel can get. It can be read on several levels. The prose is beautiful. It’s tender and moving, but also thoughtful. I don’t remember the last time I liked a book so much. Our book group … Read more

Pumpkin volunteers!

This is our fourth year participating in the Return of the Pumpkin People event. For the last two I have used it as a chance to promote some of the Library’s services. In 2015, it was the wifi. In 2016, it was Story Time. And, this year I am working on something to promote our *drum roll* museum passes! As Squam Lake and NH State Parks close with the snow, we are adding an extra … Read more


Even if you like it, change is hard and September is all about change, isn’t it? I sent my baby to kindergarten a few days back. He was fine. I was a mess. The leaves are turning and we are starting to talk about buying wood for our new wood stove. It’s all good but different somehow. Autumn is time for drawing back and turning thoughts within. I have always found it melancholy.

All … Read more