Potluck singers return to us!

We have a last-minute addition to our programs this month! The Potluck Singers will perform a concert at the Library on Tuesday, March 28th at 7pm. Please join us!

The PotLuck Singers are pleased to announce their first concert series in recent years. The Singers follow a strict song selection guideline, namely, we sing what we like. And ‘like’ can cover a lot of ground: unaccompanied voices, lots of traditional melodies, and inclusive of songs from many parts of the planet – so traditional might mean traditional from places with which one is not familiar. The Singers have always had rounds and shape note songs in our programs. Most of us learned of rounds in our early school years. Shape note singing is a form of music that was promoted in early Christian communities in the young United States as a means of facilitating the learning and sharing of hymns, and many of them have an ‘Old Testament’ feel to them. There are five pieces in the program that are in the shape note tradition. All are either of recent composition, or have recent revisions or additions. Three pieces come from the American Gospel tradition. Two are from South Africa. One song is from Croatia. Four pieces are compositions by one of our favorite composers, Brendan Taaffe, of Brattleboro, Vermont. Included in the program is Finlandia, Jan Sibelius’ creation with lyrics that evoke human love of and attachment to home and country. We close with an Irish Blessing, an arrangement of a Celtic blessing.

Taken together, this sample of the songs we hold dear sing of the circle of life, our joy in the natural world around us, our connection to each other, and our commitment to sharing the simple pleasure of opening one’s mouth and creating harmony and community. We plan one set, under an hour and a half with introductions of the various songs.