Pumpkin volunteers!

This is our fourth year participating in the Return of the Pumpkin People event. For the last two I have used it as a chance to promote some of the Library’s services. In 2015, it was the wifi. In 2016, it was Story Time. And, this year I am working on something to promote our *drum roll* museum passes! As Squam Lake and NH State Parks close with the snow, we are adding an extra special one. This year we will be able to check out one Jackson Ski Touring trail pass per day!

In honor of this, I have created a pumpkin skier who will be positioned to glide by our sign for the month of October. I am looking for a volunteer or two to make him or her some companions. Would you be interested in creating a snowshoeing dog? A pumpkin skiing child? Anything else that may enhance my pumpkin skier!? I would love to have you! Email me and we can collaborate on materials collection.