Museum Passes

New in 2017, borrow a day pass for one of seven area museums. Phone us or visit our museum page to reserve.

Vacation week specials

It feels like we have just come off a white and flakey vacation but no, the real school vacation is next week! Miss Meredith has agreed to host a very special storytime on Thursday, February 23rd at 10:30am. We have a number of storytime faithfuls who have gone off to preschool or kindergarten this year and have not been able to attend. Well, this one is for you!

The weather forecast is perfect for skiing … Read more

It’s snowing again!

Library will not open today!

Today is Wednesday, February 15th and the Library will not open today. So sorry for any inconvenience, but I just heard a prediction for 22 inches! Zoiks.

I wonder what the insurance pay out on a porch roof is? I’m asking for a friend.

What a week!

It’s snowing along out there. The groomer hasn’t been by yet but I betcha the skiing is awesome. I’ll be happy to see you between now and 3pm if you are on skiis or foot. The driving is awful, so please do not come by vehicle.

Did you catch the subtlety there? The Library will close today at 3pm.

Storytime last week included a drywall lesson.

In other news, a crowd of us gathered … Read more