RIP, Mr. Connery

Sean ConneryI defy anyone to say they dislike Sean Connery. You may not like a film he was in or a character he played, but no one dislikes all films and characters. That, to me, is a testament to his versatility and his long career.

I was sad to hear of his death today so I am inspired to assemble a list of Connery-related materials in the library's collection and access.

First, of course, the movies and I am red-faced to tell you the Jackson Library owns but one movie: The Untouchables. No OO7. No Indiana Jones. Not even any romcoms or dramas in which he plays a kindly grandpa. No straight-to-video kids movies! No Hunt for Red October!? Thankfully our relationship with them provides access to the collections at the Conway Public Library, Madison Library, and Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth and between all of us there's lots of Connery to be had.

While you're waiting for cinematic satisfaction to arrive from the other libraries, our databases have some nice background reading on the Man. For access, Patron ID is your JPL library card number.