<=> Round Answers & Pyramid Round posted

Well, I don't know about you, but today was my favorite. As hinted yesterday, part of my goal offering trivia is to create a sense of community for all of us. I hope you all read the wonderful comments by your competing teams - they are lovely!

As far as team performance in this round... well, I think it's a good time to tell you that I do not write these questions. We have a very generous trivia maestro who relaxes during this strange time by writing trivia questions for his friends. Luckily for me, I am one of those friends and he allows me to repurpose his work for all of you. Let's all say it together, "Thanks, Trivia Maestro!"

The gentlemen of Border Patrol absolutely crushed this round missing only one. North Conway trailed them via Deerbrook Duo and Agatha Quiztie (my favorite team name) taking second and third place. Border Patrol has also solidified their overall lead with Logix in second. Tamworth's proud Chinook Trailers have clawed their way up to third. Congrats! All the standings are final and posted.

Without further ado, here's the answers to the Greater than, Less than, Equal to Round:

  • Age: Mike Pence = Magic Jonson. Both are 60.
  • Diameter: Croquet Ball at 3.62 in < Softball at 3.82 in
  • 10 Euro > 150 Pesos. 10 Euros is worth 255 pesos.
  • Number: Dale Earnhardt's car = Babe Ruth’s Jersey
  • Density: Honey 1.36 g/cc > Blood 1.06 g/cc
  • Height: Niagara Falls at 167' < Hancock Building (Boston) at 790'
  • Pages: War & Peace with 1225 pages > Old Testament of the Bible with 939 pages.
  • Population: Ireland is 4.9MM < Massachusetts is 6.8MM
  • Top Speed: Greyhound is 40mph < Lion is 50mph
  • Number: Solid Orange in Billiards = Thou shall not kill commandment. Both are #5.
  • Copies Sold: Mao’s Little Red Book sold 1 billion < The Bible sold 5 billion.
  • Calories: Banana is 105 < Cup of brown Rice is 232.

Second section:

  • Length: Saco River is 136 miles < I-93 is 190 miles.
  • Height: Tom Brady and Abe Lincoln are both 6'4".
  • Number: Richard Petty's car is 43 > Jackie Robinson's uniform is 42.
  • Density: Gasoline is .748 g/ml vs. Ethyl Alcohol is 789 g/ml.
  • # of Films: Rocky & Harry potter both include 8 films.
  • Age: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87 < Bob Newhart is 90.
  • Value/Number: K in Scrabble is 5 < 6 pieces in Clue.
  • Value: $2 Canadian is worth about £1.18 > 1 British Pound
  • Height: Yosemite falls is 2425' high > Empire State Building is 1454' high.
  • Diameter: Soccer Ball (pro) is 8.66" > Volleyball (Pro) is 8.15"
  • Value: Blue Bills in Monopoly = US Bill with Grant. Both are worth $50.
  • Number: Jayson Tatum averaged 22.3 ppg > Eduardo Rodriguez won 19 games.

The final untimed round is the Pyramid Round. Answers in tomorrow, Saturday 5/8 by 7p. That's also when I will mail out the final questions and they will be due back in by 7:05pm along with your Jeopardy-style bid from 0 to 10 points for each. The whole game can change right here.

5 thoughts on “<=> Round Answers & Pyramid Round posted”

  1. Hey Lichen,
    I know I didn’t do great on this one but I think we answered more than 1 correctly. I filled it out on my phone and some times it seems like it doesn’t work well. Just wondering if it was a tech thing?

    1. It was a tech thing! I added your correct score. The 1 was for your comment.

  2. Although the answer is still correct, a greyhound clocking at 40 mph would be removed from competition by their third race. Averages on the track were 42 mph to be competitive. Top speed is 45 mph not 40. Our boy Teddy could catch the lure at 43 mph, and our Shadow was clocked at 42 mph in several races before her track in Wisconsin closed. When she transferred to the Plainfield track, her 40 and 38 mph performances gave her the opportunity to be one of our all time best friends. Except in a sprint, the greyhound is only exceeded by a peregrine falcon in sustained speed.

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