Round One is available

I am thrilled to tell you we have 43 teams competing for the collections of eight area libraries. I can see a clear advantage to libraries who solicited teams from there community:
Teams Registered
Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth 3
Freedom Public Library 8
Fryeburg Public Library 1
Jackson Public Library 12
Madison Public Library 5
Moultonborough Public Library 8
North Conway Public Library 2
Samuel Wentworth Library in Sandwich 4
We have a bit of a new twist - I'm allowing teams to register any time during the week and play all the rounds they missed to catch up. This is about providing some way to connect even when you can't be together so I wanted to be flexible to accommodate different schedules. It also provides a potential challenge when a new team could sweep in at any moment and change the board.
And without further ado and just in time for dinner conversation, here is your Round One challenge. Please do me a favor and only submit your answers one time. Getting several answers from the same team creates lots of extra number crunching for me and I'm celebrating with my own family! If I get more than one answer from the same team, I will only count the first toward your score.