So busy around here

Hello friends!

So much to tell you, I’m going to try and do a list.

  • We had 17 visitors on our first Sunday open.
  • Dawson’s incredible lego train just left to go on display at the Conway Scenic Railroad. If you haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth a trip to North Conway.
  • We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th!
  • Our new patio is done and we are waiting on materials for the pergola.
  • To make a bit more room for our popular fiction collection, we have shifted YA books across the room to the end of the non-fiction shelves. The games and puzzles are now upstairs. Magazines are on the end of the shelves near the windows downstairs.
  • Summer Reading Program starts Thursday!
  • I’m going to be messing with the website in July. It needs an update and a face lift. If you have any suggestions or request, I would love to hear them.
  • Downloadable magazines are back! Login to Overdrive with your 14 digit library card number and see what is available.
  • We got a new Kindle as well as got our older ones back up and running. There are pre-loaded for vacation entertainment. List of titles here.

Now, I do apologize for missing the new books list in June. I’m combining the June and July books and giving you just the highlights below. The complete list is online for books, movies, and audios.

Personally, I’ve been in a book drought. Maybe it’s just the business and routine-upset of summer, but I cannot seem to get around to my book. Maybe it’s just that it’s not that great. I finish maybe one book in the ten I start and this one just barely eeked through. I keep thinking it will get better… I honestly think if I gave it some real time – more than 5 minutes while I fight to stay awake – it may be much more winning.

Last month, though, I read I Was Anastasia out of pity. It had been sitting on the shelf, brand new, for awhile. Friends, it was really good! It explored the Romanov family and their execution as well as if one survived, so two parallel story lines, one moving back in time and one moving forward to come to clarity in the end. I would love to hear more thoughts on it.

I heard a fantastic spot on All Things Considered with Nancy Pearl picking out her favorite summer reads. She has never steered me wrong so I added a couple to my order this month. If you want one that I didn’t get, let us know and we will find it for you!