Study Circles

The Library will be holding an informational session about the possibility of forming a study circle here in Jackson.

Study Circles are a great way to come together with other community members in an informal, yet inquisitive, atmosphere to deeply explore issues of social and environmental concern. The discussion courses provide an enjoyable, supportive setting in which to examine personal values and habits, engage in stimulating conversation, create meaningful community, and consider ways to take action towards creating a more sustainable future. The discussion course books are manuals for a self-facilitated course experience, taken informally by small groups in a home, at your workplace, your center of faith or, any place where people naturally gather. There is no outside presenter or teacher of these discussion courses. Rather, anyone can organize a group in their community with the role of facilitator rotating with each meeting. These discussion courses emphasize individual responsibility, the importance of a supportive community, and the dual need to walk lightly on and to take action on behalf of the Earth. G.A.L.A. hosts ongoing Study Circles based on courses from the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI). Visit the NWEI link to read course descriptions. Check out the G.A.L.A. Calendar of Events for the current Study Circle schedule.

Starting a Study Circle with your Community
There are currently eleven differently themed courses and discussion guides: Hungry For Change; Choices for Sustainable Living; Menu For The Future; A World of Health; Just Below the Surface; Voluntary Simplicity; Sustainable Systems at Work; Global Warming Changing Course; Healthy Children Healthy Planet; Discovering a Sense of Place; and Reconnecting with Earth. As a sister organization to NWEI, and the New Hampshire point of contact, G.A.L.A. can help your group get a Study Circle up and running by providing guidance, advice, assistance with press releases and promotional materials etc. GALA 2014 Course Organizer’s Guide, please contact us at 603-539-6460 or email

Please note: The course reading materials are a mandatory part of the course. Be sure to click G.A.L.A. in the affiliation box – this enables G.A.L.A. to receive a small percentage of each book purchased that helps with its non-profit fundraising activities.

See G.A.L.A.’s website for a listing and link to the courses. We’ll have booklets at the meeting to flip through also. The books cost about $20 each (or a bit more) and are mandatory for participation. We’ll be looking for people who are interested in participating or have participated in one before to share their insight. We hope to have a video presentation from G.A.L.A. staff about the program. The goal for this meeting it to gauge interest, choose a topic, and select someone who would be willing to coordinate scheduling meetings and organize communication for the group. Depending on the number of people interested and when everyone would like to meet, meetings can be held at the Library or elsewhere in town.

We hope you’ll mark your calendars for this unique chance to meet new people and learn in an informal and relaxed setting. The program on the 26th is free and open to all. Please call the Library for more information at 383-9731.

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