Summer Reading Fun

What would happen if you tried to play tennis with a basketball, or soccer with a football, or golf with a frisbee? These were some of the questions kids pondered this week at the Library’s “Build It, Bounce It” Summer Reading Program. The kids spent time using a variety of balls to see just how they did bounce and roll and ultimately decided that switching balls for each sport would certainly create completely new ones! The kids also immersed their dominant hands in ice water for about a minute to see how it affected their ability to write. During the ensuing discussion, they decided that athletes are better off performing when they have warmed up first. Finally, the kids built their own basketball hoops using shoe boxes and created their own elaborate towers using craft sticks and putty. We are hoping for fine weather next week for our wrap up “Obstacle Course Challenge” on Tuesday at 3:15.

Our final Summer Reading Storytime will also meet next week on Thursday at 10:30.

Please remember to turn in all reading logs no later than Thursday, July 28th to be entered in our raffle. Children do not need to have participated in any of our programs to be eligible, all we need is a reading log with your name on it!
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