Surprises for us

We got such a surprise in the mail this week. Some anonymous benefactor has sent us a truly enormous stack of books from our Amazon Wishlist. Perfect timing too, since this is the time of year when budget lines start to look a wee bit slim after a whole year of enthusiastic book buying.

Here is a list of the donated titles:
  • Love makes a family by Sophie Beer. Find it at BB.
  • I love my colorful nails by Alicia Acosta. Find it at E ACO.
  • Douglas, you need glasses! by Ged Adamson. Find it at E ADA.
  • Carl and the meaning of life by Deborah Freedman. Find it at E FRE.
  • Hello, I’m here! by Helen Frost. Find it at E FRO.
  • Red by Michael Hall. Find it at E HAL.
  • Kitten and the night watchman by John Sullivan. Find it at E SUL.
  • Ojiichan’s gift by Chieri Uegaki. Find it at E UEG.
  • It by Stephen King. Find it at F KIN.
  • The witches by Roald. Dahl. Find it at jF DAH.
  • The strays by Emily Bitto. Find it at F BIT.
  • Miss Treadway and the field of stars by Miranda Emmerson. Find it at F EMM.
  • The singularity trap by Dennis E. Taylor. Find it at F TAY.
  • The ember stone by Katrina Charman. Find it at jF CHA.
  • Roll with it by Jamie Sumner. Find it at jF SUM.
  • Eye of the earthquake dragon by Tracey West. Find it at jF WES.
  • When green becomes tomatoes by Julie Fogliano. Find it at POETRY j508.2 FOG.
  • The day the universe exploded my head by Allan Wolf. Find it at POETRY j520 WOL.
  • Leaf litter critters by Leslie Bulion. Find it at POETRY j577.3 BUL.
  • Trees by Verlie Hutchens. Find it at POETRY j582 HUT.
  • Jabberwalking by Juan Felipe Herrera. Find it at POETRY j808.1 HER.
  • Sing a song of seasons by test. Find it at POETRY j808.8 WAT.
  • The proper way to meet a hedgehog and other how-to poems by test. Find it at POETRY j811.6 JAN.
  • No more poems! by Rhett Miller. Find it at POETRY j811.6 MIL.
  • It feels good to be yourself by Theresa Thorn. Find it at SELF j305.3 THO.
  • Incredible, isn’t it!? This mysterious person bought all those books for the whole town to read. We have been trying to beef up the kids’ poetry section and you can see a bunch are there. It could be anyone so next time you’re in the Post Office or grabbing coffee in town, be sure to smile extra bright at the person next to you… Thank you so much!