Bonus trivia rounds

The trivia we offered  over the vacation week was a resounding success. To beef up the competition we offered it to all the area libraries as a fun competition. I had a few goals with this project:

  • Provide families something to do together even if they were celebrating from a distance. Sometimes it's hard to find something to talk about on the phone when you see each other only once a year.
  • Offer a way for teams to feel a sense of community by providing a goal they can reach together.
  • Have a project that was fun for me to do over the week.

That last one is pretty low on the priority list, but it still figures. It's tricky to juggle heavy-duty work around the distraction of the holidays, but organizing trivia was easier to dig in to. I think I was successful on all counts. We had an amazing 65 teams register representing libraries from Freedom, Fryeburg, Jackson, Madison, Moultonborough, North Conway, Sandwich, and Tamworth. Approximately 45 of those teams played all the way to the end.

The Jackson teams, led by The Three Masketeers, held the top spot throughout the contest, but after a surprise upset in the final round, Donnydowoop won the day. In their honor a book went to the Freedom Public Library in their honor.  Freedom also won the contest among each library's to three point's earners. Two books commemorating their victory are on their way into the Freedom Library's collection.

One of our fine and generous Friends writes trivia questions and hosts contests for his friends and allows me to repurpose them for these contests. Appreciating the elegance of starting on Yule-eve and ending on New Year's Day, I only used eight of his rounds.

The end game here is to say that I am posting two more rounds open to anyone who wants to try it out. If you want to be notified by email when there is a new question posted, please register. If you are happy to monitor the library's trivia page for new rounds, simply dive into Bonus Round 3.9. I'll post results on our trivia page.


Round One is available

I am thrilled to tell you we have 43 teams competing for the collections of eight area libraries. I can see a clear advantage to libraries who solicited teams from there community:
Teams Registered
Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth 3
Freedom Public Library 8
Fryeburg Public Library 1
Jackson Public Library 12
Madison Public Library 5
Moultonborough Public Library 8
North Conway Public Library 2
Samuel Wentworth Library in Sandwich 4
We have a bit of a new twist - I'm allowing teams to register any time during the week and play all the rounds they missed to catch up. This is about providing some way to connect even when you can't be together so I wanted to be flexible to accommodate different schedules. It also provides a potential challenge when a new team could sweep in at any moment and change the board.
And without further ado and just in time for dinner conversation, here is your Round One challenge. Please do me a favor and only submit your answers one time. Getting several answers from the same team creates lots of extra number crunching for me and I'm celebrating with my own family! If I get more than one answer from the same team, I will only count the first toward your score.


Trivia is here for the holidays

I don't know about you, but I sometimes struggle coming up with conversation topics during family events. Even more if those events are via phone call or screen.

I am here, your devoted librarian, with a solution for you.

We are offering a holiday round of Town Battle Trivia! In May we had 36 teams registered and 18 who played every round. I would love to top that.

A few changes this time. I will award two prizes, one to the library of the winning team and another to the library with the highest total score for its 3 highest scoring teams. The prize will be a book of the library's choosing with a bookplate commemorating the game.

Register your team now and the first round of questions will be released on Christmas Eve and every evening through New Year's Eve. Winners announced New Year's Day.

Standings and rounds will be published on the Trivia webpage. Registration and rounds will remain open until the last round of questions are due on 12/31. This way if you are hanging out with your family on boxing day, you can catch up and play along.

Here's the fine print:

  • Teams limited to three people or one household, whichever is more.
  • Each team must affiliate with a participating library. If your library is not listed, please ask them to get in touch with me.  It's much more fun if the libraries are in on it!
  • No research - honor system.
  • Answers may be challenged, but decisions by the host are final.
  • Team name, standings, and supported library will be public.

Register now and the first round will arrive in your email on Christmas Eve. Tell your friends! It's fun.

Trivia Winners!

The answers to the final round:

Q: What is a mixture of 75% potassium nitrate, 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur?
A: Gunpowder.

Q: What is the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean was both justified and inevitable?
A: Manifest Destiny.

Q: Sonic, Sega's iconic main character, is what kind of animal?
A: Hedgehog.

The final standings are all posted on our Trivia page. I want to thank all the teams for your participation and patience. We are separate by necessity, but isolation is a choice and hosting trivia certainly reminded me of the vibrant community I live in. I hope it did the same for you. And without further ado... drum roll please...

  • Our overall third place winner is: Chinook Trailers! They win a $10 gift certificate and private shopping spree at The Local Bookie in Conway!
  • In second place is: The Trivia Twerps representing North Conway Public Library! They win a gift certificate $25 to White Birch Books, reopening soon or shop online!
  • And in first place for with outstanding participation and consistently the highest number of correct answers is Jackson's own: Border Patrol! They win a socially distanced sunset cruise on Silver Lake this summer provided by my friend and yours Clay Groves of The Fish Nerds!

As you know, I had some trouble figuring out how to fairly score the winning Library. My original intent was straight points, but with such a big variation between each Library's number of teams, average score seemed to be a bit more fair. I decided to award both. Their teams won North Conway Public Library 479 total points and the teams playing for the Fryeburg Public Library had the highest average points at 75. They will both get a hardcover book of their choice with a bookplate inside listing their team names!

I will be in touch with all the winners. These three businesses generously donated these prizes to our little game: White Birch Books, The Local Bookie, and The Fish Nerds Guide Service. Please support them in return! They are all owned by incredible community members and friends.

Tamworth Library's beloved Chinook Trailers swept the the Pyramid Round with a perfect score. Right behind them was Jaybird, also representing Tamworth, and our own Border Patrol. The rest of you should be very proud and if I ever get a chance to name a motorcycle, you are my first call. Here are my favorites: Superhawk, Hawk Wing, Roadhawk, Silverhawk, and Skyhawk. Aren't those wonderful!?

The Pyramid Round was a hawk theme, but I did not accept simply 'hawk' for any of the answers. You know me better than that by now, friends! Here are the answers:

Q: American alternative country and country rock band whose biggest songs are Waiting for the Sun and Blue? (Five points)
A: The Jayhawks
That was a really hard question. If you're one of the five teams who answered correctly, I tip my hat to you.

Q: What pro sports team plays at the State Farm Arena? (Three points)
A: Atlanta Hawks

Q: What is the Iowa State University nickname? (Three points)
Eagle-eyed Border Patrol pointed out that actually the mascot of Iowa State is The Cyclones and it's actually the University of Iowa who are the Hawkeyes. Indignant, I looked into it and, GASP, they are correct. I accepted both answers... though no one put Cyclones either. I am ashamed.
A: Hawkeyes OR Cyclones


Q: Nighthawk
A: This handsome fellow is a Nighthawk.

Q: Ethan Hawke
A: This handsome fellow is Ethan Hawke.

Q: Red Tailed Hawk
A: This handsome fellow is a Red Tailed Hawk.

Q: American retired pro skateboarder? (One point)
A: Tony Hawk. Puts me right back to my Gleaming the Cube days... if only I weren't so scared to actually learn to ride one. I hate pain.

Q: Honda Nighthawk
A: Honda Nighthawk. Mine was a 750cc. It was way too big for me. I had to wear high heeled boots to reach the ground and balance it. I loved that ride, though.

Q: What is a single-handled axe resembling a hatchet? (One point)
A: Tomohawk.

Q: English theoretical physicist? (One point)
A: Stephen Hawking.

And with that, we close our week of trivia. If you were one of the winners, I will be in touch privately. Thanks to everyone for playing!

<=> Round Answers & Pyramid Round posted

Well, I don't know about you, but today was my favorite. As hinted yesterday, part of my goal offering trivia is to create a sense of community for all of us. I hope you all read the wonderful comments by your competing teams - they are lovely!

As far as team performance in this round... well, I think it's a good time to tell you that I do not write these questions. We have a very generous trivia maestro who relaxes during this strange time by writing trivia questions for his friends. Luckily for me, I am one of those friends and he allows me to repurpose his work for all of you. Let's all say it together, "Thanks, Trivia Maestro!"

The gentlemen of Border Patrol absolutely crushed this round missing only one. North Conway trailed them via Deerbrook Duo and Agatha Quiztie (my favorite team name) taking second and third place. Border Patrol has also solidified their overall lead with Logix in second. Tamworth's proud Chinook Trailers have clawed their way up to third. Congrats! All the standings are final and posted.

Without further ado, here's the answers to the Greater than, Less than, Equal to Round:

  • Age: Mike Pence = Magic Jonson. Both are 60.
  • Diameter: Croquet Ball at 3.62 in < Softball at 3.82 in
  • 10 Euro > 150 Pesos. 10 Euros is worth 255 pesos.
  • Number: Dale Earnhardt's car = Babe Ruth’s Jersey
  • Density: Honey 1.36 g/cc > Blood 1.06 g/cc
  • Height: Niagara Falls at 167' < Hancock Building (Boston) at 790'
  • Pages: War & Peace with 1225 pages > Old Testament of the Bible with 939 pages.
  • Population: Ireland is 4.9MM < Massachusetts is 6.8MM
  • Top Speed: Greyhound is 40mph < Lion is 50mph
  • Number: Solid Orange in Billiards = Thou shall not kill commandment. Both are #5.
  • Copies Sold: Mao’s Little Red Book sold 1 billion < The Bible sold 5 billion.
  • Calories: Banana is 105 < Cup of brown Rice is 232.

Second section:

  • Length: Saco River is 136 miles < I-93 is 190 miles.
  • Height: Tom Brady and Abe Lincoln are both 6'4".
  • Number: Richard Petty's car is 43 > Jackie Robinson's uniform is 42.
  • Density: Gasoline is .748 g/ml vs. Ethyl Alcohol is 789 g/ml.
  • # of Films: Rocky & Harry potter both include 8 films.
  • Age: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87 < Bob Newhart is 90.
  • Value/Number: K in Scrabble is 5 < 6 pieces in Clue.
  • Value: $2 Canadian is worth about £1.18 > 1 British Pound
  • Height: Yosemite falls is 2425' high > Empire State Building is 1454' high.
  • Diameter: Soccer Ball (pro) is 8.66" > Volleyball (Pro) is 8.15"
  • Value: Blue Bills in Monopoly = US Bill with Grant. Both are worth $50.
  • Number: Jayson Tatum averaged 22.3 ppg > Eduardo Rodriguez won 19 games.

The final untimed round is the Pyramid Round. Answers in tomorrow, Saturday 5/8 by 7p. That's also when I will mail out the final questions and they will be due back in by 7:05pm along with your Jeopardy-style bid from 0 to 10 points for each. The whole game can change right here.

Map round answers & Penultimate Round posted

Wow. Ya'll know your geography. Border Patrol (Jackson) and The Trivia Twerps (North Conway) both made a perfect score which means I have failed as a triviasta. Congratulations to both teams. Overall standings have shifted again and The Trivia Twerps take over the third position.

I love rounds like the Maps because there's not subjective scoring. The good old lappy scores everything up for me. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

1. Malaysia
2. Brunei
3. Philippines
4. Indonesia
5. Singapore
6. East Timor
7. Papua New Guinea
8. Australia
9. New Zealand

Spanish speaking countries

1. Mexico
2. Guatemala
3. El Salvador
4. Honduras
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. Panama
8. Colombia
9. Ecuador
10. Peru
11. Bolivia
12. Chile
13. Argentina
14. Uruguay
15. Paraguay
16. Venezuela
17. Puerto Rico
18. Dominican Republic
19. Cuba
20. Spain
21. Equatorial Guinea

Next up is a Greater than, Less than, Equal to challenge with a fun twist at the end.  Due tomorrow 5/8 by 7pm. One more regular round to be released tomorrow night and then the big finale on Saturday night. I scored a sweet grand prize today for the winning team.

Also, I put some new info up on the standings page about the Library scores. I calculated the team averages per round and it looks like Fryeburg's high scorers puts them on top! Someone check my reasoning please.

Order round results & Map round posted

Team Tyrol from Jackson handily won this round with 17 out of 21 possible points. It was a tough outing for lots of you. Overall Madison's Logix is holding onto their lead after the Order Round and Jackson's Boarder Patrol stays in second. We have a new contender on the Board from Madison in the third position. Welcome to Silver Lake Literary and Shepard's Pie SocietyAll standings are up.

The Order Round is always a tricky one. Here is the correct order for each:

Put these athletes in order from tallest to shortest.

  • Zdeno Chara is 6' 9"
  • Jayson Tatum is 6' 8"
  • Chris Sale is 6' 6"
  • Jared Stridham stands 6' 3"

Put these events in order from earliest to latest.

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion 4/17/1961
  • John Glen, first man in orbit 2/20/1962
  • Kennedy Assassination 11/22/196
  • Beatles on Ed Sullivan 2/09/1964

[Put these events in order from earliest to latest.] This was an error. When I copied over the question, I forgot to change this. It should have asked for the books in order of publication. I will give credit for the events too.

  • The Hobbit 1937
  • Fellowship of the Rings 7/1954
  • Two Towers 11/1954
  • Return of the King 1955

Put these places in order from largest to smallest.

  • Maine 35,385 sq miles
  • Denmark 16,577
  • Sicily 9927
  • Lake Ontario 7320

Put these island chains in order (all of them) from most to least.

  • British Isles 6289
  • Thousand Islands 1884
  • Florida Keys 1700
  • Aleutian Islands 300

Next up is the Map Round due tomorrow 5/7 by 7pm.

Music Round answers

I got an email tonight that warmed my embattled little heart: "Even though I don't know many answers I am already looking forward to your emails." Those are the things that make everything worth it, aren't they?

We have a new leader, folks! Team Logix playing for the beautiful Madison Town Library is now leading by a point and a half. The current standings show that it's still anybody's game - the final round upon which we are all hinging our Saturday night - is a bidding round. Three questions. Max bid of ten point per question. The whole game can change.

Nothing like a music round to remind you what a geek you are, right? If it had been a musicals round or folk music round, I would have killed it. Here are your answers:

  • Robert Palmer sang "You're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love." I recommend listening while dancing in the kitchen in your socks. Hopefully you have children to embarrass or delight, depending on their age. Ours are on the fence.
  • Paul McCartney was the last member of The Beatles to get married for the first time.
  • Neil Diamond wrote I'm a Believer recorded by The Monkees in 1966.
  • She Loves You was written by Jon Lennon and Paul McCartney and included the lyric "with a love like that you know you know you should be glad, ooh"
  • MTV chose the Counting Crows as the Best New Artist in 1994 for their song, Mr. Jones.
  • Johnny Rotten considered his Sex Pistols band mate Sid Vicious a "waste of space."
  • Tina Turner released We Don't Need Another Hero in 1985.
  • To Sir with Love was a film starring and a song sung by Lulu.
  • In Our House sung by Madness brother has a date to keep.
  • Most of you are about to have your minds blown like mine was. David Bowie co-wrote the song Fame with Jon Lennon. Of course, we miss them both... but mostly Bowie.
  • According to the J. Geils Band in their song Centerfold "my blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold."
  • Jay Z was born as Shaun Carter.
  • Aerosmith guitar Slash used to be Saul Hudson.
  • Sting taught high school English when he was still Gordon Sumner.
  • Bono used to be Paul Hewson.
  • Pink signs her checks Alecia Beth Moore.
  • Alice Cooper's yearbook shows Vincent Furnier.
  • Mama Cass started out as Ellen Cohen.
  • Reginald Dwight became Elton John then got famous.
  • Lady GaGa seems much less glamorous as Stefani Germanotti.
  • Declan McManus croons much better as Elvis Costello.
  • Freddie Mercury started life as plain, ordinary Farrokh Bulsar.
  • Joni Mitchell used to be Roberta Anderson.
  • Would Meat Loaf have been as wild if he has stayed Marvin Aday.
  • Somehow Calvin Broadus Jr suits Snoop Dogg just fine, thank you very much.
  • Eminem is still Marshall Mathers to his parents' friends.
  • Katy Perry is a conservative dresser when she leaves home as Katherine Hudson.

For your Wednesday entertainment, we have the Order Round which will close at 7pm tomorrow. Sleep tight poppets. Thanks for playing.


Picture Round Answers

I had an email in the middle of the night challenging either my understanding of doctrine or my counting or both on yesterday's answers. The charge was that bearing false witness against a neighbor would violate the eighth commandment and not the ninth. Being the well-trained librarian I am I went straight to the library databases to settle the issue. I searched in Ebsco's MasterFILE Premier, my favorite one for general knowledge for popular consumption. What do you know? The magazine U.S. Catholic had published a whole article. It turns out that "different religious traditions divide the seventeen verses of Exodus 20:1–17 and their parallels in Deuteronomy 5:4–21 into ten "commandments" or "sayings" in different ways... Some suggest that the number ten is a choice to aid memorization rather than a matter of theology." (Thanks for the handy quote, Wikipedia.) SO, since I did not specify which tradition I was asking about, I amended the scores for the Numbers Round to give you a point for identifying either eight or nine as the commandment against bearing false witness.

I thought I would turn up the heat on the Music Round - due tomorrow by 7pm, kiddos! As usual the standings are posted, but I haven't finished awarding all the half points so they are not final.

Here are the answers for the Picture Round:

Mr. Bigglesworth or Ted Nude-gent

Mr. Bigglesworth. If anyone had known the cat-actor's name is Ted Nude-gent, I would have given you an extra half point... and then asked for your friendship.




Bobcat or Lynx

This cutie gave me some trouble. I was looking for Bobcat but upon reflection and research, I think I have to settle for Lynx as well.

Kitty Kelley

Kitty Kelley



Mr. Mistoffelees

Mr. Mistoffelees. It's clear to me that the poor reviews of the recent movie reached us here in the Valley. For what it's worth, I enjoyed it but I knew what to expect. If you were looking for a movie, you would have been disappointed. It's an interpretation of the musical. I gave a half point for any Cats reference.

JinxyJinxy from Meet the Parents

Stimpy Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy.... Happy Happy Joy Joy

Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait. Lots of teams guessed Cat Stevens which I wish I had thought of. Lyrics would have been a great clue.

Villanova Wildcats

Villanova Wildcats. Half point awarded for half an answer.

Kitty Carlisle

Kitty Carlisle

Shere Khan
Shere Khan

Simon's Cat If you are one of the 3 teams who got Simon's Cat you should be very proud. One just answered Simon. Half an answer gets half a point. If you have never watched Simon's Cat, I encourage you to do so. You'll be the hippest in your hood.


This is another that caused some trouble. The answer is Bobcat or anything that includes that. Caterpillar was not accepted as they are totally different companies.



Catnip or Catmint

Catnip or Catmint. Since catnip is in the mint family, I gave half a point. Funny story, though, I once mistook it for mint and served pitcher after pitcher of it at a party. It didn't matter much after the first one.

Round Two with round one answers

Jackson Library Trivia reigning champs, Border Patrol, swept this round. I am most impressed they knew about the 13-Story Treehouse, one of my kids' favorite series. Breathing down their necks are Logix in 2nd and Silver Lake Literary and Shepard's Pie Society 3rd place.

We had one team drop out 10 no-shows! It was a beautiful day so I understand. If you missed this round, I hope you'll rejoin. The final round can change everything.

All the team standings have been updated on the Town Battle Trivia page and answers to this round are below. It's time to bear down too, because the Local Bookie offered a couple prizes today. I'm working on a nice grand prize - up go the stakes.

Round two is the picture round - You learned something about picture rounds in the Warm-Up... remember? Answers are due tomorrow at 7pm.

Numbers Round answers:

  • “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” is the Ninth commandment.
  • Suicide Six is the Vermont ski area located near Woodstock.
  • The GIECO gecko says "15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance."
  • The 13-Story Treehouse is the first book in a popular series by Terry Denton & Andy Griffiths.
  • Twelfth Night, or As You Like It is the  Shakespearean romantic comedy about two shipwrecked twins and arguably his best play ever. Don't miss the wonderful movie version with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh - I'm ashamed to discover JPL doesn't have it.
  • There are eight Beatitudes and I hope I am not the only person who had to look up what that is.
  • Celtics great Bob Cousy’s wore uniform number 14. I thought a Bob Cousy is the sleeve that keeps my beverage cold. See how much you learn in trivia?
  • Tom Brady wore the 10 in college.
  • The atomic number of Nitrogen is seven.
  • In one of the best scenes in cinematic history - and judging from the number of you that got it correct, I am not the only person who thinks so - Spinal Tap turns their amps to 11.
  • You would take US route four to drive from East Greenbush, NY to Portsmouth NH.
  • The first amendment guarantees us freedom of speech.
  • There are two moons orbiting Mars.
  • Five for Fighting sings the songs 100 Years and Superman. I gave the point if you answered Maroon Five since they are basically the same band anyway... also the number is the same and sometimes we are right for the wrong reason, right?
  • The DC-3 was the propeller​-driven ​​airliner​ which had a lasting effect on the​​ airline Industry and was initially used in the 1930s/1940s and ​​World War II​. Built by Douglas.
  • It's a myth that George Washington had wooden teeth so the correct answer here was zero. It's true too, I looked it up. Again with the learning.