Talk books!

Did you know our humble town hosts at least five book discussion groups, including one that we host here at the Library? These are wonderfully relaxed gatherings where 5 to 15 folks come together to talk about a book that (hopefully) everyone has read. The one here at the Library is always happy to have new faces show up and everyone’s input is valuable. (I’m sure others are those things too, I just cannot speak for them!)

We are proud to obtain titles for all these groups and libraries around the state offer two “book bag” programs. These are collections of many copies of a single title that circulate together complete with discussion question and a check out sheet.  This means our staff only need to place one request instead of 15 – so it’s a huge time saver for us. Also, any book group leader, if he or she chooses, can check out the whole bag and then distribute them at the meeting. If you are interested in reviewing what is available in the book bag collections, please see the NH State Library’s list here or a list of those sponsored by other libraries across the state. Of course, you are always welcome here and we will happily copy our printed copies.

I have just updated our book group page with the books we are reading for the next several months, with information about how to learn about the book and where you can get copies. Our next two titles are already available to pick up. If you are interested in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (February 10th) or Under the Banner of Heaven (March 20th), come and grab your copy now. If you have a book group and would like us to get books for you too, or have any other questions, please email us and we will do everything we can to help.