The Storywalk is Here!

Have you stopped by the library recently and checked out our new storywalk? A storywalk is a picture book mounted outside, each page posted by intervals along a trail, allowing visitors to take a walk and read a story at the same time. The storywalk is always open, even when the library is closed. We are pleased to present Ladybug Girl, by David Soman and Jacky Davis, and invite you to come and enjoy this delightful tale. It begins just outside the front door of the building. As you finish one page, look up and you should see the next one beckoning. We estimate the storywalk is about a quarter mile in length. Many thanks to the town for mowing a path for us. As one young patron commented, “I love you, Storywalk!”

Our Summer Reading Program continues with gusto, and below is an image of our Environmental Heroes activity this past week – slinky lizards in a rainforest! This Tuesday we will have a Superhero Training Camp activity, and on the 28th, be sure to stop by the Whitney Community Center at 3:15 and enjoy the talented storyteller Simon Brooks as he regales us with tales of Heroes!