Town Hall Style Meeting with Erik Corbett, NH House Candidate

NH House candidate, Erik Corbett, will be hosting a Town Hall style meeting on August 15th at 5pm at the Jackson Public Library in Jackson. The event is free and open to the public.

The candidate plans to speak briefly about why he is running for the NH House of Representatives and hopes to hear from voters from Harts Location, Bartlett and Jackson about what issue are most important to them and their families.

Statement from Mr. Corbett “I’ve said in previous campaigns that if elected I would hold meetings like this every month, so this campaign season I thought I’d just do it. In NH, with our citizen legislature, voters shouldn’t have to pay to go to a fundraiser, go to the Selectmen's meetings or hope they catch their
Representative at the Post Office to discuss the issues or their concerns with their Representative. We’ll do this in August, and September, and October. And when elected we’ll do it every month that the House is in session”

For more information, visit the Corbett for NH website, Corbett for NH Facebook page, Corbett for NH Twitter feed or Corbett for NH Instagram.

Note: The Jackson Public Library provides a venue for educational purposes in the interest of serving the community. The Library does not endorse any candidate.