Update on building status

Hello my friends,

Our incredible Board of Library Trustees is regularly reassessing the difficult decision to limit access to the building; weighing a number of factors. Throughout they have encouraged the staff to focus most of our attention and resources on developing new ways to deliver everything you are used to having from us.

We have subscribed to Kanopy to provide movies. We added Creative Bug to offer craft classes. We change our Story Book Trail more often. We developed new policies and conducted research to better guide our decision making. We won a grant to add hotspots and laptops to loan as well as improve our network and wifi to get better internet outside the building. The Friends have hosted outdoor and remote programs. Miss browsing shelves? We are now offering short appointments. Pickups take us thrice as long as simply checking out to you directly and we are glad to do it! We are working several additional exciting improvements or expansions... stay tuned for those.

Kindly continue to observe the following guidelines while picking up materials:

  • Call, email, login to your account or place your request online and then wait until you receive your item-is-ready email or phone call before coming in.
  • Wear a mask in the foyer. We are in and out all the time in order to get folks their items as quickly as possible and soon it will be too cold to leave the exterior door open for extra ventilation.
  • Please only enter the foyer if you are picking something up and do not linger.
  • If the foyer is occupied, please wait outside. Only one person or family in the foyer at a time.
  • Please do not knock or push through the second set of doors and ask us to fetch items for you immediately. It takes us away from getting items to people as quickly as possible. We love a quick hello through the doors or a kind wave - I've even enjoyed some blown kisses.
  • Most of all, be kind and patient. Trust me when I tell you we all want the same thing. If you have frustrations or questions, direct them to me. I am happy to listen and explain anything you would like.

We know that nothing will fully replace the uplifting freedom of lingering in our beautiful space. We all miss it and at the same time if one of our at-risk staff contracted COVID-19 they could easily become gravely ill. On top of that unthinkable possibility, our Library would be crippled by an extended absence and have to shut down even more than we are now. We have concluded that the "something" that we are doing is better than the "nothing" we would all be left with if we opened the building and the worst happened.

Thank you all for your continued understanding while we endeavor to meet your needs as thoroughly as we can. Even at a distance, we need each other more than ever.

With optimism,