Museum passes

All museums are closed. We will resume offering museum passes after the COVID-19 National Emergency.

Check availability on a certain day. If the date and/or museum is listed, it is already spoken for. If not, please fill out the form below and wait for confirmation of your reservation from library staff.

Use this form to place a request to borrow one of the Jackson Public Library Museum passes. Each one is slightly different, but in general our passes get you a limited number of free or discounted admissions to the museum. We can only give one out per day so if it is already reserved for that day, please pick another.

This form only makes the request, you will get a confirmation after we process your request.

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Currier Museum of ArtJackson Ski Touring (Winter)NH Children's MuseumNH State Parks (Summer)Portland Museum of ArtRemick Country Doctor Museum & FarmSquam Lake Science Center

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