Trivia News

  • Bonus trivia rounds (1/7/2021) - The trivia we offered  over the vacation week was a resounding success. To beef up the competition we offered it to all the area libraries as a fun competition. I had a few goals with this project: Provide families something to do together even if they were celebrating from a distance. Sometimes it’s hard to … Continue reading "Bonus trivia rounds"
  • Round One is available (12/24/2020) - I am thrilled to tell you we have 43 teams competing for the collections of eight area libraries. I can see a clear advantage to libraries who solicited teams from there community: Teams Registered Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth 3 Freedom Public Library 8 Fryeburg Public Library 1 Jackson Public Library 12 Madison Public Library … Continue reading "Round One is available"
  • Trivia is here for the holidays (12/21/2020) - I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle coming up with conversation topics during family events. Even more if those events are via phone call or screen. I am here, your devoted librarian, with a solution for you. We are offering a holiday round of Town Battle Trivia! In May we had 36 teams … Continue reading "Trivia is here for the holidays"