Story Book Trails


When the Shadbush Blooms by Carla Messinger, Susan Katz, David Fadden

is behind the Library. Last changed 9/16/2021

We host and maintain a Story Book Trail behind the Library. You will see the frame from the parking lot and from there the trail is to your left. It is a backwoods trail and rugged footwear is required. All the attendant hazards should be expected including wet and slippery ground, poison ivy, flying and biting insects, wild animals, and magical gnomes and fairies. The story is changed weekly or bi-weekly.


The Ellis story trail is closed for the season. See you next winter!

is on the Ellis. Last changed - Please visit next winter!.

The Ellis River Trail is accessible with skis or snowshoes on the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation's trail network. A trail pass is required - you may reserve our pass online. This trail is only open during the winter months.