We are OPEN

Brave or foolish? It’s debatable. I passed at least two cars off the road between here and Conway. So just because we are open does not mean you should come in. We do not charge late fines so that’s no reason, please keep your items and return them when the roads are more safe.

I am so busy, I wanted to give everyone a tiny update. The programming committee has a tentative lineup for the 2020 events in the Library. We try to do at least one per month with a few bonuses. I just confirmed a wonderful travelogue of Australia and New Zealand in March with many more coming up.

I’m working on some new museum pass offerings too. If you have ideas on passes you would like us to offer, please send them my way.

We have received a giant stack of books, many are in honor of our extraordinary library volunteers who did so much for all of us in 2019. I’ll post more on them and the books later.

I’m working on setting up a way for all of us to communicate efficiently about neighborly assistance needed and provided around Jackson as well as a way for our vibrant craft group to communicate about events and information in our chosen format. And speaking of that, we introduced a Thursday evening Craft-Up which has been great fun! We start at 4pm every Thursday night and meet upstairs where there is an abundance of cozy seating. It is a blast.

What a tease, huh? So many promises but no meat. The take-home for now is that you should be snuggled in with a fire, pet, spouse, kids, or tea and blanket for today. No one should be driving who doesn’t have to!