We love our volunteers

The beating heart of this wonderful library is, without a doubt, our extraordinary volunteers. In 2019 they planned and hosted all our events, took our rubbish to the dump, wrote thank you notes, served on our Boards and committees, decorated, moved hundreds of donated books to various new homes, and returned more the 16,000 books, dvds, and more to the shelves. We simply would not be the library you know without their work.

In appreciation of everything they do for us, we asked each of them to select a book from our wishlist in November. When the item arrived, we included a book plate to recognize their dedication to the library and to the Jackson community. It was great fun to see what they choose. Below is a list of our 2019 volunteer recognition collection. I won’t tell you who picked which book, you’ll have to check them out to find that out!

We have been overwhelmed to have several new volunteers join us this winter and they are carrying on the important work. If you or someone you know is interested in helping the library there are several ways you might do so. We could still use someone to be in the building between 5-7 on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays as well as Saturdays.

If those times don’t fit your schedule or you’re more of a random-act-of-kindness-y, good-deed doer, I have been playing around with hosting a listserv/forum for Jackson-area residents to help each other. The idea is that both those who may need help and those willing to provide help both join the listserv and then email the list to find someone willing to lend a hand. I am still testing this out so please be patient with me, so if you’re willing, just fill in the form to join.