What-are-you-reading Wednesday 5/27?

I was so pleased with your response last week that I decided What-are-you-reading Wednesday? should be a regular thing. Of course, I knew that the wider Jackson community is full of sophisticates, but I had no idea you maintained the impressive intellect during a pandemic! Here's a list of what Jackson was reading last week, in case you didn't keep up to date with the comments:

Thank you to everyone who responded. I really enjoyed reading your mini-reviews. I hope you'll update us this week.

I am listening to Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore on audio this week and reallyOona Out of Order enjoying it. The titular young woman jumps to a different age every year on her birthday so, during her first jump, he age on the inside is 19, but on the outside it's 51. For each jump, she has left herself a letter. A plot like this could easily turn gimmicky, but it avoids that unwinding something like a mystery. She's trying to figure out why certain things have happened despite the direction they were going when she had left them. I don't find it forced at all. There are a few questions about her experience that I have not unraveled, how does she know the incoming Oona is younger or older when she writes her letter? The usual pitfalls of time travel, I suppose. It's perfectly diverting for a hot spring afternoon.

I seem to have returned to my usual antsyness about having trouble sitting still to read a  paper book so we've been focused on audios so I can knit or cook or clean while listening. Wendell and I are also really enjoying the third book in the York Series by Laura Ruby. We only have the first book in the Library. It didn't circulate enough to justify buying the second or third, but I really recommend both. They are fun and exciting. Wendell just turned eight and a few scenes are scary, but he gets through them ok.

Lotte turns 10 on June 10. She is allowed to read one new Harry Potter per year so over the weekend she re-read The Goblet of Fire and The Prisoner of Azkaban - in one day a piece!  Things really get real in The Order of the Phoenix, but I think she's up to it. Those stories just never get old, do they?

That's what we are up to. What are you reading, Wednesday? Tell us in the comments!