What-are-you-reading Wednesday?

It is hard to believe it has now been over two months since we have welcomed you into the Library. The staff continues to keep busy. Lisa and Gloria are doing an extraordinary job pulling your holds and getting them ready for Tuesday and Saturday pick-ups. Meredith is answering emails, phone messages, and chats from the website in between she's recording those charming story times and planning for an online Summer Reading Program. As for me, I am doing basically what I have always done: taking care of the building, preparing for meetings, making plans, preparing, and some fun stuff like researching and planning new ways to deliver remote services.

Last week I spent a day filling in a grant application for some federal CAREs act money earmarked for NH libraries. The grant is meant to help us to recover some of the revenue we have lost by having the building closed as well as help to fund new expenses we have encountered. I am very proud that yesterday I learned that the Jackson Public Library has been awarded $10,000 toward these expenses. That will mean we will meet our budget for the year and that we can execute some of the new ideas we are cooking up. If only the federal government could provide us more hours in a day!

One simple new initiative is What-are-you-reading Wednesdays! Where I share my literary adventures and invite all of you to do the same in the comments. I knAll the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen Whiteow that one thing we all miss is browsing the shelves and I thought this may be a fun alternative.

I have been focusing on very light reading lately. Just before our building closed in March the historical fiction trio of Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White released a new book called All the Ways We Said Goodbye: A Novel of the Ritz Paris. That one has been checked out but I read The Glass Ocean in April and was riveted. I think it was a perfect book. A little mystery, but with an humble body count, some romance, and adventure as it is set on the Lusitania. I could not recommend it more highly. Unfortunately, we do not own a copy, but there is an eBook and downloadable audio in our collection.

What are YOU reading, Wednesday?

7 thoughts on “What-are-you-reading Wednesday?”

  1. Binge-reading Game of Thrones and Naomi Novik’s Temaraire novels (fantasy) plus lots of other fiction. Another short and hilarious one is The Uncommon Reader By Alan Bennett (for anyone who loves British royalty this is a must-read). Rereading Jane Austen novels.

  2. The juvenile fiction novel Jinxed by Amy McCulloch, recommended for ages 8 and up. It’s a fast-paced adventure story, set sometime in the future, about a time when smartphones have been replaced by customized “pets” that have advanced technology capabilities. But of course, all is not as it seems and I am ready for an exciting ride!

  3. I have recently read “These Truths, A History of the United States” by Jill Lepore. A truly informative historical perspective from 1492 to the present published in 2018. The author is a professor of American history at Harvard.

    My current read is “Presidents of War” by Michael Beschloss. It provides the reader with an understanding of what leadership is “both physically and emotionally”. A timely read at a time of social, economic, and political angst.

  4. Great job, Lichen, on applying for and getting the grant for JPL! Hurray – that is wonderful news – thank you so much! I’m reading “Robin” by Dave Itzkoff. Very well researched and intimate portrait of the man and performer. Really enjoying it, and a fast read even at over 400 pages. Just finished the 3rd in Crimson Lake series by Candace Fox – all very good and great suspense writing. Great characters.

  5. Hi-my latest read is the psychological thriller “The Other Mrs.” by Mary Kubica.
    It keeps you guessing right up until the end!

  6. Congratulations Lichen on securing the grant for the Jackson Library , so important in these difficult times to keep working hard for our beautiful community library , well done !
    I am reading Pillars of Earth part of a trilogy , seemed daunting at first each book has close to 1000 pages but I am finding it challenging and informative !
    Thanks to Lichen, Meredith , Lisa and Gloria for their customer concerns during the past 2 months !

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