Who doesn't love a picnic?

I love live music as much as the next guy but as I put the finishing touches on our planning for the big event on Saturday, I find that as a mom I am most excited about the picnic! Why is that? So many reasons:

1. I have never sampled Sweeney Sensations catering, but have heard it is absolutely delicious. Marty showed me the menu and we are talking a full complement of summer food including hamburgers and hotdogs but also chicken and portobello burgers as well as two types of salad and cookies for dessert.

2. Not only do we get to skip cooking on Saturday night, but we also get to skip dishes. (Notice that I say ‘we’ because I would never want to imply that David does any less than me.) This means I can kick back and enjoy Ms. Maybell and Slimpickins who I think are wonderful. Or I can hang out with my littles without distraction. That is a rare treat.

3. The picnic is only $5 a person! The wonderful and generous Friends of the Jackson Library is subsidizing the food in order to make it affordable for all. That means four of us can eat for $20. Of course, the Friends is always accepting donations too.

Ladder ball, beanbag toss, croquet, and bocce have arrived in my office and are waiting to be deployed on Saturday. I hope I’ll see lots of other moms and dads who are giddy with entertainment and picnic – it’s heady stuff.