Jackson Bridge

As a service to the Jackson Community, the Library provides an online forum and email listserv to facilitate easy communication between neighbors who may require assistance and neighbors who may be willing to provide some help.

To join

  • If you would like to participate AND you have a google or gmail account, simply sign up for the Google Group with your email address and solve the challenge to prove you are a human and not an infiltrating robot. (Surprisingly, this may be more difficult than it sounds.)
  • If you do not have a google or gmail account, we have to manually add you. Please contact us to request membership. Once your membership is approved, you will be notified by email of any new posts and can respond to them as you would any email.

To post to the list, send an email to bridge@jacksonlibrary.org and it will be distributed to all participants.

There are instructions for leaving the group at the bottom of all emails. If you have trouble let us know and we can manually send you an invite.

Group Guidelines

  • All digital spaces the Library administers are extensions of the Library’s physical space and all Library policies apply as do expectations of behavior, courtesy, and decorum. If you are violating either you will be contacted privately by a member of Library staff to discuss the issue.
  • Any and all help provided as a result of this services is at the risk of the two parties involved. The Library accepts no responsibility or liability for any issues, accidents, or conflicts that may arise from connections made via Jackson Bridge.
  • Please sign all emails to the group with your real name. If you consistently send messages without identifying yourself, your future posts may be held for moderation.
  • If you are comfortable with including your phone number please do so.
  • When following up with a post, please respond directly to the person posting via their email or phone number. -- This will help eliminate unnecessary email traffic to the rest of the Bridge group.


Join Jackson Bridge